Shangrila Shilajit


Shangrila Shilajit is a type of Himalayan Shilajit enriched with Manuka Honey. It is a unique product with a completely different, yet pleasant flavor, best for those who cannot tolerate the taste of regular Shilajit. Those with a sweet tooth and children will love the natural and overall wellness supplement!

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India, New Zealand
There are many ancient recipes on how to purify shilajit and it is not only made with plain water. Many recipes have ingredients like different herbs and berries to improve shilajit taste and potency. Shangrila Shilajit is one of those special recipes where we use the healthy nutritional sweetener UMF 20+ Manuka Honey. Shangrila Shilajit outperforms traditionally made extracts as it combines the benefits of two powerful superfoods in a single jar with a much more pleasant taste.shilajit

The type of Shilajit combines the benefits of two powerful superfoods in a single jar – Shilajit and Manuka Honey. Not only does honey boosts Shilajit’s quality and effectiveness, but it also acts as a natural sweetener. This makes Shangrila Shilajit a unique and high potent dietary supplement.

What you get:

  • Included measuring spoon
  • Collected at High Altitude in the Himalayan Mountains
  • California Prop 65 Safety Compliant
  • 3rd Party Laboratory Certified
  • Phone and Email Customer Service

Shangrila Shilajit comes in an eco-glass jar with a stainless steel measuring spoon and usage instructions. The included spoon ensures the accurate measurement of the recommended serving size, making it fast and simple to use. The shilajit extract comes from a top-quality source that has undergone independent safety testing by US laboratories.


  • Manuka Honey Benefits
  • Good Flavor
  • Long-lasting Quality
  • Easy to Absorb
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Eco-Friendly


  • Expensive
  • Not travel friendly
  • Not for an allergic person

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15ml – 50 servings, 50ml – 165 servings


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