Shilajit For Pets


30ml Liquid Shilajit for Pets

Shilajit is a universal supplement that may benefit not only us humans but our animal companions! The dark brown substance that could have only arisen from the sophisticated craftsmanship of nature keeps over 80 trace minerals, essential acids, and other bioactive components that are needed for all living beings! Our fur babies, including dogs and cats, will not only appreciate the benefits of shilajit, but most will LOVE it!




The market is full of all kinds of pet supplements. But are all of them natural and high-quality? Our Shilajit Liquid Drops for Pets is made from completely natural top-sources shilajit dedicated for animals. Moreover, shilajit is high in fulvic and humic acids that are needed for the good and balanced function of many living organisms, including our animal family. If you are worried about safety, let us remind you that animals used to get these acids by eating/playing in the dirt. Nowadays, our soil is very much depleted of helpful nutrients like those contained in shilajit.

Product shilajit for pets

Liquid Shilajit for Pets

Himalayan Mountains, India
Many stories tell that Shilajit has been discovered by observing the Himalayan monkeys who were licking it from the rocks. It is so universal that it may benefit us and our animal companions as well. It provides trace minerals and some necessary plant-derived elements to maintain wellness. This batch may be used as a trace minerals supplement for cats, dogs, and horses. It comes in a glass container with dropper and dosage instructions.
What You Will Get
We take great care in packaging our Liquid Shilajit Drops for Pets into an eco-friendly glass container straight after the extraction, accompanied by a dropper and instructions. The shilajit extract comes from a top-quality source, and the extract is minimally processed to preserve its rich bioactive compound profile. The dropper and step-by-step instructions will help you measure out an accurate serving size that depends on the weight of the pet.
  • Original
  • Included Dropper
  • No Buffers or Fillers Added
  • Lasts a Very Long Time
  • Eco Container
  • Phone, Email and Chat Customer Service



  • Made especially for animals
  • Lasts a very long time
  • Makes no mess
  • High Content of Plant Nutrients, Enzymes and Trace Minerals
  • No buffers or Fillers Added
  • Eco-Friendly Container


  • Not travel-friendly due to airplane restrictions
  • Slightly less pure than the native form of shilajit


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