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Himalayan Mountains Shilajit Powder is pure, natural shilajit that has undergone freeze-drying, a refinement technique that preserves most of the molecular properties of shilajit and makes it into a powder. The well-concentrated powder extract is perfect for those who prefer using it for dissolving in water, tea, or smoothies, or for topical use in ointments or for beauty purposes.

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Our powder extract of shilajit is made from grade A fresh Himalayan Shilajit. It is 100% naturally harvested, and pure and contains no flow agents, excipients, or any additional ingredients. Taking shilajit powder actually improves the way your body digests and uses the food you consume as its elements enhance your food’s bioavailability! Shilajit also contains organic nutrients that are vital for body functions. Some of them cannot be made by the body and must come from food.

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Our fine Shilajit powder is made with freeze-drying vacuum technology. Using expensive cold processing for Shilajit let us produce an extremely potent powder that requires just 100mg per serving (compared to 300mg-500mg for conventionally made powders). It comes in a glass container together with stainless steel measuring spoon and instructions.
Wildcrafted in the Himalayas, freeze-dried natural shilajit powder comes in a glass container together with a stainless steel measuring spoon and instructions. The included spoon ensures the accurate measurement of the recommended serving size, making it easy and straightforward to use. The powder comes from a top-quality source that has undergone independent safety testing by US laboratories and is California Prop 65 Safety compliant.
  • Pure & Natural
  • Freeze-Dried
  • Strong & Potent
  • Customer Service Available by Phone & Email
  • California Prop 65 Safety Compliance
  • 3rd Party Laboratory Certified


  • More Concentrated
  • No Additives or Fillers
  • Not Overheated During Processing
  • Ecological Container
  • Easy to Dissolve
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Premium Fulvic Minerals Complex
  • Plant Based Trace Minerals


  • Strong Flavor
  • Needs to be protected from elements
  • Processed More Than the Native Form of Shilajit

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5g – 50 servings, 10g – 67 servings, 30g – 200 servings


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