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Solid Shilajit is the classic form of shilajit that has been used in Ayurvedic practices for a few thousand years. Found in the high-altitude regions of the Himalayas, that type of shilajit is sourced from rocks located at an elevation of 16,000 feet and has high concentrations of minerals. It can be easily used anytime, anywhere, and may be stored for years at room temperature.


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Himalayan Mountains, India
It is one of the most concentrated types of shilajit that has the highest % of trace minerals and fulvic acid. It is also the most common type in the Himalayas as it may be easily used anytime anywhere and may be stored for years at room temperature. By the consistency it is like hard cedar resin. It is convenient to use straight as-is like a pill or under the tongue. It comes in a small plastic container with instructions and metal spatula (spatula not included for 2gm and sample containers).

The most durable form of shilajit is solid. If any genuine type of shilajit is exposed to an outside environment (liquid, resin or powder) it usually turns into a solid after some time. Nothing is added to solid shilajit, which means it is 100% pure. As it undergoes gentle processing where almost all moisture is removed, solid shilajit becomes one of the most concentrated types of shilajit we have. It preserves the highest percentage of plant-based ionic trace minerals and fulvic acid, making it a strong and potent supplement.


What you get:

  • Sourced from High Altitudes
  • Included Measuring Spoon
  • Up to 100% Purity
  • High Fulvic Acid Content
  • Third-Party Lab Tested
  • Enclosed Spatula


Usage InstructionsOriginal Dry Shilajit comes in a small plastic container with instructions and a stainless steel spatula (spatula not included for small 2g and sample containers). The metal spatula ensures a more accurate and easy measurement of the recommended serving size. Solid shilajit comes from a top-quality source that has undergone independent safety testing by US laboratories. With close examination and thorough assessment, we ensure the highest purity, the purest form of shilajit, which amplifies the benefits that you derive from this mineral compound.


  • No buffers or fillers added
  • Highly bioavailable and easy to absorb
  • Lasts a very long time
  • Easy to travel with and store
  • Higher content of the trace minerals
  • Makes no mess


  • Strong flavor
  • Dissolves slowly
  • Packed in a plastic container
  • Harder to measure

Additional information


2g – 20 servings, 8g – 80 servings, 36g – 360 servings


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